Ahrefs : The Best Seo Tool On The Market

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Ahrefs is the most powerful SEO Tool on the market. I think it’s the closest software understanding Google Search Result algorithm. I started using it for my business for a year and its impact is really great.

Why Ahrefs ?

Since backlinks or more commonly “external links” become the most important factor on the Google Search Engine, we need to know << how popular is our website >> because it will impact your ranking on the search result.

Facebook DR 100
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How Popular is my website

Google Algorithm inspects website’s popularity before showing any topic on the search result; in fact it depend on the number of backlinks pointing to the domain and their qualities.

Ahrefs have a great tool called Site Explorer to crawl any domain name and display all his external links.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Let’s try ahrefs.com :

Ahrefs Dashboard

Inspecting your link profile is a good first step for any new SEO campaign. This tool will give you the data you need to see “how popular is your website”.

What is Ahrefs DR and UR ?

DR = Domain Rating, the rate of your domain name start from 0 to 100, the lucky winner with DR 100 is not google or twitter but Facebook with his 68.1 B external links.

UR = URl rating, this shows how strong are your url or << How popular is your url >>, this criterion depend on how many links point to your url or your topic, it start from 0 to 100 and there is no domain name with UR 100.

These two factors are really crucial on any search result on Google.

Facebook DR 100
© Facebook Backlinks

Backlinks opportunities

Finding links opportunities from your competitors is a great tool. Indeed, it help you to know why your competitors rank better than you.

The backlink menu is amazing and can be sorted by type ( Dofollow ), language or traffic ! There is much more: sorting links by domain rating and anchor.

Ahrefs backlink profile

Once we have great links from high DR domain, all we have to do is to put anchor with our keyword and put it . Don’t try with press release ( like forbes, huffigtonpost, ny times whashington post etc … ), it’s the most hard way to get backlink.

Keyword Explorer

Get thousands of relevant keyword ideas with accurate search volume, keyword difficulty score and advanced metrics like Clicks, Return rate and Parent topic.

This is the most strong seo tool ever made, i will be honest to say it is the closest approach to understand how Google Algorithm sort the search result.

Seo : Case study

One of the strongest keyword on the market is SEO, in fact any internet based business without good search engine optimization and good rank in the search results will fail.

Keyword Search Tool

As we can see, we have very interested information :

  • Keyword difficulty : how many good backlink must have to be on the first page
  • Global Volume : Top countries by volume
  • Keyword ideas : Some keyword that can be added to topic

Google Search Result

Ahrefs Search Result

This is the most important SEO tool ever made. It show you Google Search Result for your keyword “SEO” and give you a good approach to understand why these websites are ranking on the top 10.

I will create more additional dedicated topic about ahrefs because i believe that long post are not really appreciated by surfers.

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