How to rank #1 on Google

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Rank #1 on google is the strongest part of seo, it depend on many factors and need more than good topic with few social share.

First Rank Seo

We will try to understand how google sort his search result and which factors can really impact it.

To respond to the question, How Moz Topic is ranking first, Majority of SEO experts will talk about :

  • Unique Content
  • Domain Authority
  • Social Share 
  • Website Design
  • On Page SEO 
  • Internal Link
  • Mobile First
  • Etc …

But i will show you that it is insufficient strategy and you will rank in the first page of google search result, and this is true for all keywords.

Ahrefs Search Result
Ahrefs Search Result

This is Ahrefs rank, and like we can see this the same as google.

Let’s try to explore this :

P.S : I will not include Wikipedia, or Google Support .

  • #1: Moz with DR = 91
  • #2: Search Engine Land with DR = 90
  • #3: With DR = 72
  • #4: Neilpatel with DR = 90

The question is : How Neilpatel with High Domain Authority and DR = 90 is ranked after with DR = 72 ?

Google Search Result
Google Search Result

How Google Sort Search Result ?

I have many blogs and was faced to this enigma, ranking at first place for months and get overtaken by competitors despite better DR, content and design; for over a year i get a great boost from Google Rank Brain.

I decided to use Ahrefs great tool Keyword Explorer and now i understand better how Real SEO work.

Google Ranking

How popular is your topic is the true story of SEO and the most important one.

  • with URL rating = 76
  • Neilpatel With URL rating = 55

With 34k backlinks rank better than Neil Patel with 5k .


Unique content, Social Sharing, On-page SEO, Nice design, Domain authority etc … and all SEO strategies can be beaten with few good backlinks.

That’s all folks!


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